Alarm Control & Security System Solutions

Security Alarm System basically means the crucial function for different areas or premises to monitor or to alarm certain signal when the sensor detect intrusion.

Alarm System: A Button or a Pull Cord is essential for triggering a signal, which directly provide an alarm to certain indication panel to ask for handling or assistance. When the situation is managed, there should be a process to clear the sounder or indication, and thus normalise the alarm system.

Security product solutions
miTEC Alarm System 742_600
What We Have

miTEC Alarm Systems

Our Alarm Systems involve a wide range of signal alerting system, including nurse call system, accessible toilet call system, water level control system, multi-zone control system.

Product We Provide

Security System 2_Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System are for providing support to  patient for calling nurse or assistance, which could also help to reduce man power and have a better control of ward.

Security System 1_Accessible Toilet Emergency Call System

Accessible Toilet Call System

Accessible Toilet Call System aimed to provide a easy way to notify people outside the toilet, that there is an emergency call from inside, which need help or break-in. 

Security System 3_Water leakage system

Water Level Control System

miTEC provides simple water level control system that could be easily installed. The Water Sensor Probe with IP65 protection functions to detect liquid leakage, while 

Break Glass / Call-Point

Break glass or Call Point is a device used to raise an alarm in the event of emergency from breaking a glass. If the glass is broken or damaged accidentally, it should be replaced immediately.

Zone Alarm Control System

Multi-zone Alarm Control System includes alarm trigger break-glass, key switch, call point, multi-zone control panel, intruder sounder, flash lamp, siren.

Siren& Flash Lamp 700_500

Siren & Flash Lamp

Burglar Alarm Box and Flash Lamp 

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