MSW-1601 16mm Stainless Steel PUSH BUTTON

miTEC  ︳Stainless Steel Button  ︳Soldering Type  ︳Flat & Convex  ︳MSW-1601
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miTEC  ︳Stainless Steel Button  ︳Soldering Type  ︳Flat & Convex  ︳MSW-1601

miTEC’s Buttons are designed to serve general purposes of panel-mounted switches with long term and extreme usage situations. miTEC not only provides a wide range of push buttons which are stylish in design and easy to install, but also provides low MOQ customization service.

  • Button Type: Flat / Convex
  • IP54
  • Size: 12 /16 / 18 / 19 / 24 / 25mm
  • Termination: Soldering Type

Stainless Steel Button - Flat n Convex spec



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