miTEC  ︳Flexible Control Box  ︳Adjustable PCB Mounting Module ︳MPM-30308
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miTEC  ︳Flexible Control Box  ︳Adjustable PCB Mounting Module ︳MPM-30308

There have been thousands of methods to mount a PCB inside the electrical enclosure, but miTEC now provides a more flexible and effective way to mount your PCB inside a Metal Enclosure. Our MPM-30308 was dedicated to provide flexibility on installing PCB , which with only 2 MPM-R60 mounting modules, it is possible to install and modify your PCB position with no drilling on-site. It is also possible to join more than MPM-R60 modules to gether when mounting a bigger size PCB. With MPM-30308 and MPM-R60, it is no longer a mess to place more than one or different sizes PCB.


MPM-PCB mounting



Last but not least, the size of MPM-30308 could also be customized with small quantity, in order to meet different needs. 

Metal Enclosure

  • Easy installation
  • No more onsite drilling
  • More effective use of space
  • Keep your power box tidy and clean
  • Width: 40-200mm
  • Height:  Max. 180mm