miTEC  ︳MKP-6010  ︳Digital Keypad  ︳IP65 Protection  ︳Durable Statinless Steel
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miTEC ︳MKP-6010 ︳Digital Keypad ︳IP65 Protection  ︳Durable Statinless Steel

One essential equipment of Access Control System is keypad, which provides a secure and easy solution to keep control of a door release process. miTEC provides a wide range of stainless steel, for instance, Piezo Keypads, Waterproof Keypads, RFID Keypads, Mechanical Keypads, Vandal Resistance Keypads etc.

  • Power Input: AC / DC 12-24V
  • 3 LEDs Display
  • 99 Pin Code (4-8 digits)
  • 2 Programmable Relay Outputs
  • Alarm Signal Output
  • IP65

MKP-6010 spec