Power Supply

Power Supply, also known as Power Supply Unit (PSU), usually refers a device that converts one voltage to another more common voltage for delivering power. The application of power supplies appears in a wide range of product types, from consumer appliances to industrial utilities.

The most common power supply types are AC to DC coverter, linear power supply, switching mode power supply, AC adapter etc.

Power Supply Solutions - miTEC
What We Have

miTEC Power Supply Solutions

Our power supply solutions focus on all-round power supplies mainly for AC to DC access control or alarm control systems, which includes enclosed type, DIN rail type, switching type, adaptor type etc.

Product We Provide

Lithium-ion Battery PSU

Lithium-ion Batteries are more common in daily usage. Using Lithium-ion battery for PSU is a new solution that improves the shortcoming of backing up system with lead-acid battery. 

din rail power supply 2

DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN rail power supply is made for the standard type of 35mm DIN rail. Our DIN rail PSU are significant for high efficiency & lower weight with a compact design, from 1U to 10U. 

Enclosed Switching Power Supply Display

Switching Mode Power Supply

Switch mode power converts tremble input voltage into regulated output voltage. Switch mode power supplies are also marked by significant higher efficiency and stable power output.

Mini Power Supply

Mini Power Supply Series are designed to fit in extreme compact environment, especially for EU round electrical box and british standard 86×86 box. 

Power supply_8.1
Switching Mode PSU with Metal Case

Our MHP Series PSU are switching mode AC-DC power supply with metal casing. Power range from 50W to 350W with or without battery charging function.  

PSU Enclosure

Our Enclosure are designed for all range of power supplies with spaces for back-up battery. You can customize not only the size of the case, but also material and accessories. 

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