Communication Solutions

Communication represents information exchange between two sides with the progress of transmissing and receiving of information via a channel or medium.

Depending on channels of the communication, the system could be connected via wired or wireless method.

Communication System
What We Have

miTEC Communication Solutions

miTEC communication system are designed to facilitate communications in apartments, banks, hospitals, shopping arcade environement. 

Product We Provide

Entrance Station System 700_500

Entrance Station System

In light of different circumstance and security requirement of buildings and apartments. miTEC designed an entrance station, that could be compatible with various buildings.

Bank Intercom system 700_500

Bank Intercom System

Bank, Ticket office, Money Exchange, Pharmacy etc, our intercom system is perfectly suitable for places need intercom system for  communication between window counters, 

Open Voice Intercom System

Open Voice Intercom System are usually used at access control communication. miTEC’s open voice intercom system could be easily associated for electric locks and door release. 

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